Welcome to the world of walnut!​​​​​​​
In early August, the walnut was merely the subject of a basic sketch exercise. During this time, I discovered that there is a vast and wonderful world hidden in this humble little thing. Exploring the world of walnuts is an amazing adventure. "The Birth of a Walnut" is at the center, around which all other stories revolve.
While exploring this topic, I had the pleasure of hearing many interesting stories about walnuts and meeting amusing individuals along the way. Communication with these people plays a very important role throughout the entire creative process.
Additionally, I would like to mention that the topic of "walnut" was originally proposed by Ms. Karin B. Schulze. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to attend her design course. Her profound knowledge and humorous demeanor made every class a highly inspiring and educational delight.
In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, new ideas emerged naturally. Humor, tea, pastries, and classical music were always the ingredients of these exciting gatherings. It was also she who suggested that I experiment with different materials and combine them together.
I created this portfolio within the four months I spent learning from her. To this day, the nine walnuts she gave me sit on my bookshelf, always reminding me of those enlightening and fulfilling times.
Ms. Myrna Riecke and Ms. Lea Stephan were my German teachers, and I also received valuable support from them. I remember spending an entire afternoon with them, discussing numerous ideas about the walnut.
That was important for my task of writing the event report for "The Birth of a Walnut." Additionally, they are preparing the German revisions for this book.
Finally, I would like to thank the British rock band "Genesis" for their album "Duke." I have listened to the music countless times. It was my best companion in this adventure and played an important role in the creation of every image in this book.

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