Mr. Müller is a natural actor. He is willing to make every effort to achieve the desired results. In my memory, he always wears the same dark suit, twill tie, white trousers and polished leather shoes. The most impressive thing is his bald head, which makes him look quite smart.​​​​​​​
Although he doesn't talk much, he can show us his excellent side through humorous body movements. Otherwise, I observe that he can't help but play roles with a personal feeling, such as a self-surveilling spy, a drunken tramp on the street, a suited lumberjack in the woods, a painter who breaks conventions and discovers a new world.
Mr. Müller is also a fortunate man because he escapes danger every time. However, he hasn't found a suitable girlfriend yet, which is the great sorrow in his heart. That's why he has told me that several times. Perhaps his character remains as immutable as his unchanging clothing.
I suggested that he should become more optimistic and brave. Now he loves rock and metal, and everything he didn't like before.

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