Engraving is called 'Schabezeichnung' in German. Wikipedia defines the term as follows: For decoration, the artist uses a carving knife to carve an image into a hard and flat material surface, such as gold, silver, iron, or glass. 

This technique is called scratching. It is also used in the production of copper gravure printing for illustrations on paper.

Scratching is one of the oldest printing techniques and was an important means of printing maps, magazines, and illustrations in medieval Europe. To this day, it still plays an irreplaceable role in the printing of banknotes in all countries. 

Using this method, I scratch the image onto white cardboard, the surface of which is covered with a black coating. For this reason, I refer to this technique as scratch paper art or paper engraving.

Although the art of scratch painting has been around for a long time, we can still only find a few documents and books about this technique. Because scratch art cannot be reproduced like woodcuts, it is also considered one of the less popular forms of illustration. It is mainly used for children's art education and is also used by some artists and paper scratch art enthusiasts around the world.

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